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Perhaps some women want to be surrounded by people during childbirth because of latent fear or insecurity. But these feelings can increase if a woman in labor is constantly feeling the sight of these people, and feels compelled to play a role in relation to them. On the other hand, women from a very close-knit families, they are associated with strong ties, often comforting presence at birth of the people they used to see every day. "

No need to drag along her husband to the hospital just because "so do all", especially if it rests.

Now a few words to her husband.

Are you sure that really want to be present at birth? Out of curiosity, just to see how it all happens, it's not worth doing. Doctors, frankly, annoying stupid subjects for which it is necessary to watch that they do not slammed into a swoon, as angered and arrogant husbands who keep an eye that all was "as it should be."


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