But remember, while

From that day (or rather night) and started daily

job. Yes, yes, work! Baby Care and Education -

is a big job, which is unknown to nulliparous

women and incomprehensible to people without children.

Frankly about childbirth

Tips for pregnant women

Advice to pregnant


. Do not smoke! If you smoke, throw this rotten deal!

Now you - the expectant mother and an example to his

child, he undoubtedly will imitate you.

. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, including beer and

wine (even alcohol).

. Do not be nervous for no trifles, by any then-

serious things. Remember, you behave

calm, be calm and your baby.

. Not supercool, try to get your feet

were always warm. But remember, while you are pregnant,

soar feet in hot water can not be! Can

cause miscarriage.

. Do not drink the pills! Only with the permission of your doctor


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