Forcibly stripping

Apply soap free hand or sponge. When you have washed the front part of the child's body, turn it on his hand to wash his back and buttocks.

Rinse clean sponge.

1-2 times a week, wash the baby's head mild baby soap or baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a towel.

Wrap the baby in a towel, wipe dry and dress.

How to care for the boy's genitals

Hygiene boy spending easier than the girl. Young parents should remember that boys in the first year of life is marked physiological phimosis - the glans penis is not displayed fully beyond the foreskin. Forcibly stripping head is not necessary. After bathing should slightly pull the skin of the foreskin and drip on the glans penis drop of paraffin oil. If the entrance to the external urethral opening accumulated plaque, then it must be removed lightly with a cotton swab moistened with sterile vaseline oil.

Genitals of a newborn girl

The first 10-20 days after birth body girls, her reproductive system are influenced by sex hormones mother is and slight swelling of the external genitalia, and possible slight local spotting. Maternal hormones, trapped in the body girls during fetal development, often lead to bloating, a slight increase in breast newborn, sometimes comes from the nipple, and discharge.


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