Furthermore, it asked

know that Mickey is such a big boy. So

Mom kept asking the same questions about the action

quences that are required to walk on the mountains

Shock: donning and removing her panties, urination,

pouring the contents of the container into the adult

toilet and return it to the place. Furthermore, it

asked two questions. The first was: "Where

your pot? ". In response to this Mickey approached not

mu or just pointed afar. The second question:

"Where do you go" wee-wee "?" - The kid replied: "On

pot. "

It took another fifteen minutes. Mickey has Poltja

sa wrote. Mom decided that it necessarily in need

but to go on the potty in the near future. It

wanted to check his pants that was on

serve as an incentive for him overall, and almost of assembly

familiarize do it like Mickey and began to tap hwa


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