After swimming be taken

Handle navel

All simple: a pair of drops peroxide hydrogen in navel, then wadded wand cleans brown, then other cotton wand carefully lubricates inside pupochka Zelenko.


This necessary do already with first days life even if at toddler quite little hairs. The hair bulbs will gently stimulated and volosiki not force themselves wait. Better select brush with natural soft bristles. comb use only sweepings seborrheic crusts.

Seboreinye (Dairy) crust

One can with them nothing not do - Slowly from wash and scratching head they disappear. But that these yellowish spots not spoiled total experience from most cute in World muzzles, better or buy special shampoo to their Removal or do the following:

For 2-3 hours to swimming rub in head toddler loved by any you oil (Vaseline, peach, grape, burdock and t. d.). For more effect its one can even slightly warm. Can also on this time cover head marlechkoy (top cap to gauze not got lost.) Then, bathing, wash head toddler shampoo. After swimming be taken in for combing. Can use standard Children comb can be use Brush. Some Moms manage use dental brushes (Only take with most soft bristles). For one procedure fully escape from crusts, rather likely not succeed, so procedure repeat until they not disappear absolutely. way, kids who are on breast feeding, these crust can sometimes appear Again, even after how you seemed would fully saved from They head baby.


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