But I do not e wanted

will be good. "

Olesya I did about this story is not told, although

very much wanted, and even tried a few times. But I do not

e wanted to scare probably just that me and

stopped. Especially with Olesya living in one room and

constantly communicating, I saw that it is in perfect

physical condition.

After spending two weeks in a sanatorium, I decided with my husband

go to the U.S. to pay that expert, which

drove everything, and rumors about Mr. m the city was exclusively

positive. Husband and my brother came with me (brother

sat at the rudder of his car m) in the Sanatorium. It was Saturday at

street watered rain. On ultrasound were few people and

the line moved quickly. Going into the office diagnosis, I

asked the doctor, whether with a spouse, and received from him


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