In the literature

And I read a few such books and collected quite a few articles-bearing, birth and upbringing of the child, took the trouble to "translate" them with "scientific" to "simple" Russian language. Sometimes I did not succeed, but, honestly, I really, really tried, to each occurrence of the term in the book was understandable person without medical training.

Some things may scare you, but should not be afraid, you should just be aware. After all, there are very serious questions about the various troubles and know better and not turn a blind eye on some issues even experts look differently. In the literature on specific issues can be found quite contradictory opinions and recommendations are absolutely opposite to each other. In such cases, I will be diligent to present both options, and you decide for yourself which one is acceptable for you. Especially now that the scientific data become obsolete almost before they have time to publish. For this reason, not only limited to this book: read more about what you have to, get ready, remember, think.


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