When approached

white coats, they hurriedly put on my feet rag

Frankly about childbirth

boots and tied them to ver application. I was told to grab

hands sticking out of the rail access, and feet were already on

special supports, on which it was easier to hang back

(Knees bent).

The next phase in childbirth - is a direct

the birth of the child. When approached fight (and I was already

it seemed that the last time she went away and, as was

constant), I was forced to hold their breath and

push on the bottom, and the young doctor m Olesya helped me

holding his head and pressing e to his chest: " esch, esch , come on,

push! "- she said. But I could not.

Midwife, mother's friend, stood in front of me and waited

Team doctor, watching how "I opened." After

several efforts, the doctor decided, "Vic, come on, I


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