Qualified and experienced

factors with a sedentary position, especially with an uncomfortable posture at work, arising in the wrong location on your computer's location is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis and other diseases of the spine and joints.

Prolonged closed unventilated room bad for anyone, but especially for pregnant women - it is not only herself, but the child does not have enough oxygen.

Prevention of complications related to computer use

From the earliest days of pregnancy a woman needs to be seen in the antenatal clinic. Qualified and experienced physician will be able to recognize the any negative changes in its state and provide recommendations.

Current legislation requires employers to transfer pregnant women to lighter work with preservation of the former and the average earnings of all benefits, relying her under labor law. Labour Code obliges the administration to provide a pregnant woman work not related to the use of a PC, or limit the time to work with a PC (not more than 3 hours per day).


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