I and made only

Pathology. Room, where I was brought consisted of two

halves. In the first half there was a bright light in the room

There was a table and two chairs. Mature woman (nurse)

invited me to deliver the package on a chair to get a generic

certificate and put it on her desk, remove pants, take

towel and soap and go for it in the back room. I and

made only slightly slowed me jitters, and I was a little

"Tupila." This second room looked quite different,

than the first light was gloomy, the walls are painted with paint

unpleasant swamp color, couch stood against the back wall,

beside her metal "stick" on which hung something

like a rubber hot water bottle (it was an enema). Here on

right side were two doors. They were opened,

so you can easily see what's behind one door -

toilet, and after another - the shower.

The nurse told me that I first removed the robe and put


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