The sixth day. It was very

Frankly about childbirth

I - a young mom

Mom. And Cyril replied that I was in no way to blame. He

comforted me with kind words and explained that since

case, it is a natural phenomenon. "Home sweet home" - only

thought haunted my mind.

The sixth day. It was very difficult for me in terms of

that leaving the corridor, sure someone

interested in how I milk as decant.

I had to quickly turn off the conversation and go as

if in a hurry. "What, no milk at all? - Surprised

"Young Nurse." - And I'm here to express and give half a tin

the kitchen. "

At : was bypassing doctors. On this day, on duty

woman - a doctor. I inquired as to when to extract and

the answer was that puzzled me: "You give something

something to improve hemoglobin? "

"No" - I replied.

"He have a very low - eighty six - continued


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