I'm sitting in mom's tummy

33-36th week. I'm sitting in mom's tummy and head down quite ready to start. We have a good supply of fat under the skin - and the skin of very smooth. Fuzz on body thins and the hairs on the head grow. Hryaschiki ears and nose compacted. Testicles descended into the scrotum. Earned the endocrine glands. If I rozhus now, I 'll scream. Here it is: "Ah-ah-ah!" And once I can grab and suck for mom - I already have these reflexes.

37th week. It's time to fall head in his mother's pelvic cavity.

38-42th week. My weight - 3200-3600, length - 480-520, and no one-no one can call me premature. My skin - pale pink color, very smooth; fluff was only in the area of the shoulder girdle. On his head - hair 20-30 mm. Marigolds and pink soft and slightly favor fingertips. Hryaschiki nose and ears elastic. Breast convex. When I rozhus I scream loud, loud!


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