Initially, researchers

There is a specific hormone - prolactin. It promotes the release of breast milk, as well as feelings of maternal love - the desire to feed, to heat, to regret. Judging by the fact that a woman's desire to care is manifested not only in relation to children, this hormone is released not only during lactation.

And now, finally, came the turn of the main love hormone-oxytocin. Initially, researchers assign him a modest role helper in childbirth and breastfeeding. It causes contraction of the uterus, and promotes the release of the milk. However, when he discovered that the men had to think about. As it turned out, oxytocin is released not only in childbirth. Quite a lot of it is released during orgasm, and generally at a time when sexual thoughts take direction (felt as if "sinful" thought something in the abdomen began to shrink?).

Oxytocin gives kisses sweetness. No, I do not mean that this hormone sweet taste, just a special feeling of relaxation with a kiss is just oxytocin. And he also makes a fondness for him who, after the act of love is pressed against your body. And it's the same insidious effect on memory - and you think, why did you forget about everything when in love?


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