In the literature

And I read a few such books and collected quite a few articles-bearing, birth and upbringing of the child, took the trouble to "translate" them with "scientific" to "simple" Russian language. Sometimes I did not succeed, but, honestly, I really, really tried, to each occurrence of the term in the book was understandable person without medical training.

Some things may scare you, but should not be afraid, you should just be aware. After all, there are very serious questions about the various troubles and know better and not turn a blind eye on some issues even experts look differently. In the literature on specific issues can be found quite contradictory opinions and recommendations are absolutely opposite to each other. In such cases, I will be diligent to present both options, and you decide for yourself which one is acceptable for you. Especially now that the scientific data become obsolete almost before they have time to publish. Читать полностью -->

But I do not e wanted

will be good. "

Olesya I did about this story is not told, although

very much wanted, and even tried a few times. But I do not

e wanted to scare probably just that me and

stopped. Especially with Olesya living in one room and

constantly communicating, I saw that it is in perfect

physical condition.

After spending two weeks in a sanatorium, I decided with my husband

go to the U.S. to pay that expert, which

drove everything, and rumors about Mr. m the city was exclusively

positive. Читать полностью -->

Sketches were

In developing a new method of teaching us to help

halo huge number of people. RS Stack and P. Le

Vison provide the necessary administrative

ing support and encouragement. Efton Jarvis and Angela

Foss acted as tutors and work

hoists with children participating in scientific research

Vania. Using the method of schooling kids

to the pot was made possible by the researcher

Scoma's mental health department of the Ministry

Illinois. Sketches were created by Joanna

Flores and Tim and Greg Hildebrandt invented illus

tration of this book.

Special thanks to the material we want to express

convents and children who participated in this project.


Schooling children to the pot with the new

method was for us an exciting adventures


We - psychologists who study learning

in general, and methods for enhancing in particular

. Читать полностью -->

If necessary, designate

In 60% of cases of pregnancy occurring against the backdrop of hypertension complicated by late toxicosis. In this case, the woman should be monitored regularly by a doctor. With the deterioration of the urgent need of hospitalization (about the dangers of late toxicosis described previously). Also hospitalization

needed in hypertensive crisis, a sharp deterioration in health of women.

Pregnant sent to the maternity ward for 2-3 weeks before the expected delivery date. If necessary, designate elective caesarean section or cause premature labor.

Food for hypertension

Pregnant woman suffering from hypertension, should comply with all dietary recommendations. This will help it to maintain its health and increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby.

The diet should contain adequate amounts of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Читать полностью -->

Proved that excessive

Phosphorus is spent on the formation of the skeleton, nervous tissue, dental germs.

Daily requirement - about 2-3 years

Besides milk and dairy products is found in nuts, cereals, liver.

You, without knowing it, you can get phosphorus four times more than calcium - and this is not good. Proved that excessive phosphorus intake during pregnancy can cause abnormal development of liver and lung in a child.

Unfortunately, with the phosphorus in our days have to be careful. As mentioned above, should be calcium-phosphorus balance. Ideally ingested they should in the same amount, in the extreme case - phosphorus can be a half to two times more.

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Beans, cucumbers and put sausage

Salad of baked beans and sausages


400 g of beans, 300 grams of boiled sausages, 2-3 pickled cucumbers, 2 apples, 100 g of mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon mustard, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons sour cream, 1 bunch parsley, salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Pickles and sausage cut into cubes. Apples are washed, peeled, cored and cut into strips. Wash parsley and chop.

Beans, cucumbers and put sausage in a frying pan, add oil and salt, heat over medium heat for 3 minutes, then mix with apples, put in a dish, season with a mixture of mayonnaise, sour cream and mustard, sprinkle with parsley and serve.

Canned corn salad with apples


300 g canned corn, 3-4 apples, 4 tablespoons vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons of 3% vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, salt to taste.

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After swimming be taken

Handle navel

All simple: a pair of drops peroxide hydrogen in navel, then wadded wand cleans brown, then other cotton wand carefully lubricates inside pupochka Zelenko.


This necessary do already with first days life even if at toddler quite little hairs. The hair bulbs will gently stimulated and volosiki not force themselves wait. Better select brush with natural soft bristles. comb use only sweepings seborrheic crusts.

Seboreinye (Dairy) crust

One can with them nothing not do - Slowly from wash and scratching head they disappear. But that these yellowish spots not spoiled total experience from most cute in World muzzles, better or buy special shampoo to their Removal or do the following:

For 2-3 hours to swimming rub in head toddler loved by any you oil (Vaseline, peach, grape, burdock and t. d.). Читать полностью -->

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