Furthermore, it asked

know that Mickey is such a big boy. So

Mom kept asking the same questions about the action

quences that are required to walk on the mountains

Shock: donning and removing her panties, urination,

pouring the contents of the container into the adult

toilet and return it to the place. Furthermore, it

asked two questions. The first was: "Where

your pot? ". In response to this Mickey approached not

mu or just pointed afar. The second question:

"Where do you go" wee-wee "?" - The kid replied: "On

pot. Читать полностью -->

Forcibly stripping

Apply soap free hand or sponge. When you have washed the front part of the child's body, turn it on his hand to wash his back and buttocks.

Rinse clean sponge.

1-2 times a week, wash the baby's head mild baby soap or baby shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a towel.

Wrap the baby in a towel, wipe dry and dress.

How to care for the boy's genitals

Hygiene boy spending easier than the girl. Young parents should remember that boys in the first year of life is marked physiological phimosis - the glans penis is not displayed fully beyond the foreskin. Forcibly stripping head is not necessary. After bathing should slightly pull the skin of the foreskin and drip on the glans penis drop of paraffin oil. Читать полностью -->

But because of this, I abruptly

not fall. But because of this, I abruptly sat back, feeling

pain in the area of the seam. My neighbor also did not expect that I

strongly staggered, so I looked at an off ser.

"You're that bad?" - She said.

"Phew, I'm sick and head plague, - I replied. - But

somehow have to pee ... ". I carefully and very slowly

Lowered the ship and relaxed, I feel better.

After some time in the ward looked esch one

woman of sixty, from was not negative energy, but

somehow she calmly told me, "Time to get up and

pacing. Читать полностью -->

" Here it puzzled

aid "- with irony and bitterness I said.

"I do not end up doterplyu dropper, it is almost worth

on the spot, barely dripping. Nobody even plantar liters and not checked and

maybe I became ill, or esch what! "

"No, no, none of this dropper is not bad -

she said. - I'll tell you, that you have brought the ship. " Here

it puzzled me last words: I also was ashamed

even think that I will sit on the boat ... I'm not sick! I


IV I was not allowed to stay and did not even

allowed to pee sitting "Only P, S, lift

buttocks, I propihnu ship, and then tell me when to pick up "-

said the nurse.

"Well, that, and the first shame - I thought. - And how esch

to ... Читать полностью -->

But remember, while

From that day (or rather night) and started daily

job. Yes, yes, work! Baby Care and Education -

is a big job, which is unknown to nulliparous

women and incomprehensible to people without children.

Frankly about childbirth

Tips for pregnant women

Advice to pregnant


. Do not smoke! If you smoke, throw this rotten deal!

Now you - the expectant mother and an example to his

child, he undoubtedly will imitate you.

. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, including beer and

wine (even alcohol).

. Do not be nervous for no trifles, by any then-

serious things. Remember, you behave

calm, be calm and your baby.

. Читать полностью -->

Vitamin D is responsible

Some possible increased sensitivity to ascorbic acid. In this case, supplementation of vitamin C is contraindicated.

Vitamin D (calciferol)

WHO Expert Committee decision was definitely established a tolerable daily allowance of vitamin C, of 2.5 mg / kg body weight, as well as conditionally acceptable daily intake of 7.5 mg / kg of body.

Vitamin D is responsible for the normal growth and development of bones. It regulates the mineral metabolism in the body and contributes to deposition of calcium in the bone. Vitamin D helps

. . . Читать полностью -->

Now a few words

Perhaps some women want to be surrounded by people during childbirth because of latent fear or insecurity. But these feelings can increase if a woman in labor is constantly feeling the sight of these people, and feels compelled to play a role in relation to them. On the other hand, women from a very close-knit families, they are associated with strong ties, often comforting presence at birth of the people they used to see every day. "

No need to drag along her husband to the hospital just because "so do all", especially if it rests.

Now a few words to her husband.

Are you sure that really want to be present at birth? Out of curiosity, just to see how it all happens, it's not worth doing. Doctors, frankly, annoying stupid subjects for which it is necessary to watch that they do not slammed into a swoon, as angered and arrogant husbands who keep an eye that all was "as it should be."

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