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HOW to teach a child to potty

General thoughts

At what age?

If your child is year and months, he is likely

only too ready to learn by our method. But ind

Nita, that children of the same age can be different

level of mental and physical development. That

to determine whether your child is ready to learn,

perform three simple tests: to control the urine

emission, and the physical development of a method

completely follow the instructions.

Test control over urination

) Does your child to write much at once, or

it makes it a little bit during the day?

) Can he stay dry during

a few hours?

) Does the child that he needs the toilet:

whether he accepts with certain poses, cor

Does cheat grimaces?

If you answered "yes" to all three questions, knowledge

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It is well known that

That is why they must be present in the diet of expectant mother. It is well known that the most valuable source of animal protein is meat. Of all the varieties of meat products is recommended to choose the beef and eat it boiled. Not contraindicated and other meats, but do not get involved in fatty pork and lamb. Very useful rabbit meat: it is considered a dietary. Rabbit meat can be eaten boiled and stewed.

Very useful seafood. Читать полностью -->

Pouring the contents

child understand you and nod or words confirmed

firmed by that "will be a good boy / girl"

let him eat any delicacy.

Plant doll on chair-pot

Entertained doll for what it is "pee" in the pot

We obtain the capacity of chair-pot

Pour the contents of the pot

Now let the baby doll will put labor

shiki and show her how to pour a "wee" from the pot.

Make sure that the baby gently pulled

capacity of chair-pot, and brought it to the restroom.

Pouring the contents into the toilet, the child must be drained

water. Help your child, if they have a what-

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She dried her panties? "-" Yes. " "Most

I heard: "Mickey, bring capacity into place." Ma

lysh leaned over and put the container. "Turn,

well that he stood. Right "- said mother,

only slightly directing it handles and rotating container

to the desired position.

Now it's time to check panties dolls:

"Mickey doll panties dry? Let's see. "

Mom held the baby to the table and put his pen

panties doll: "So, they are dry. The doll dry rub

shiki. She dried her panties? "-" Yes. Читать полностью -->

What if the child

live training, as well as that for the correct action

quences necessarily follow reward.

Every time you teach a child one skill,

give detailed instructions showing friction

ruete it and praise it. After the first outbreak gne

va toddler understand what you need from him only what

with what he can handle, though expect more

th. Even if a child is prone to tantrums,

unlikely to occur during the training more

two or three occurrences during which he spent

rit your attitude towards them.

What if the child is not learned in one day

As mentioned earlier, when a normal child

acquires the necessary skills for about half a day.

Only a small number of children learning

last more than one day. If this happens

with your baby, do not remove it trenirovoch

ITATION panties at the end of the first day of training. Continue

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There were not enough: several

At the end of the blanket tightened chic blue bow and

it issued in the form of a huge magnolia (I

it seemed). Sosedkina girl screaming all the time, I

it seemed that she was about to wake up my son. But no, he

slept quietly.

When I got dressed, brushed her hair and lipstick, as well as

my baby was already wrapped in a blanket and tied with a bow,

midwife began solemnly to congratulate me and to my

surprise, handing gifts. There were not enough:

several booklets, brochures on how and what to feed

toddler how to express breast, how to bathe

newborn, how to handle the umbilical wound, etc.

a couple of gift sets of diapers, "strong"

gaskets for Mom KOTEX. Plus woman gave me

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