Help your child

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Teach your child the actions that shall need

byatsya him for "hiking" on the pot, as well as show

those that they receive approval. Let the kid teach

doll to perform these actions, and praised her for Ambassador

shanie. Help your child with the help of guidance on

directs its actions to better understand you.

Before you start training, wear disposable doll

vye panties and fill it with a small amount

tion of water.

"ASIC" doll water

Then tell your child that the doll (call it

by name if it has one) wants to "pee-pee." SOCA

sieve it to the pot to hold the doll, remove her panties

ki, put on a pot and gently tell her remains

vatsya there. If a kid does not fulfill your instructions,

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I'm sitting in mom's tummy

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33-36th week. I'm sitting in mom's tummy and head down quite ready to start. We have a good supply of fat under the skin - and the skin of very smooth. Fuzz on body thins and the hairs on the head grow. Hryaschiki ears and nose compacted. Testicles descended into the scrotum. Читать полностью -->

Not in vain in the ancient

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Stroking belly, tell your child what you want to do during the day that you dreamed. Do not forget to sing a baby song. Soon the baby will get used to your touch, your voice sounds. Experienced moms know that sometimes when they stroke the belly, the baby is "responsible" they

thrust into his hand. This suggests that communication between mother and child enjoys.

Future Pope

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In the sitting

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Perform this exercise as follows.

1. Sit or stand comfortably. In the sitting position open your legs, standing

put them at shoulder width.

M o d u m a y t e o with about a ton of I and n and m s u p and w in th e p r o m e n o w s t u. H e a p r i and r e t a s o in o e d n o t and k, and to

b e t y o u t o a m and m e n p and n o n d i t s t and h e s o in g of p and n s and l and about with t and n o t in and PROOF p y w h o m and. D e p t e and f

m s u p s in n a p r i g e n and m and with h and I to and to m o n o f e l e m e n n e e d o n t i and. D s and t w e n o rm a l s n o!

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Should not begin training

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E signs include frequent urination

(When the baby is rarely dry), pain at mo

cheispuskanii and defecation. Should not begin training

chenie if child has diarrhea, constipation, or he just

not feeling well. If a baby suffers epi

Leps or he get cramps, it is impossible to

consumes too much fluid. In case

child has diabetes, please be sweets and

beverage containing no sugar. If a baby

allergic to certain foods, replace them with those

E which do not cause it. Before you start

accustom the baby to the pot, carefully proconsul

tiruytes pediatrician.

Where to train

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The same effect

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o m e n t (I 2 c and d, 1 n e p e n a l a d c and d) - 200 g;

with x and p y s b e l s d - 1 w t.;

h and d - 200 m l.

2nd breakfast:

- Figs - 3-5 pcs.;

Legumes are a useful source of fiber and constipation, but also they increase gassing in the colon. The same effect has cabbage, rye bread and some other products. Not recommended to use them in a period of acute hemorrhoids.

h and d - 200 m l.

O b e d:

b l y s o n and s t e l i n t and s - 250 m l;

with x and p y s b e l s d - 1 w t.;

h and d - 200 m l.

C o l d n and to:

with x and p y s b e l s d - 1 w t.;

on t in a p w and p on a H and a - 100 m l.

U x and n:

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