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d o b r a t i s a d o r o d d o m and and to a m o n o f b s s t r e e. Читать полностью -->

Therefore, it is especially

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Excess iron can be observed not only in overdose of iron-containing products, but also in some diseases. Therefore, if blood tests regularly show hemoglobin 120, it is also an occasion to see a doctor and get tested.

She takes part in redox processes, synthesis of hemoglobin, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent action is necessary for the synthesis of the connective tissue. Copper also participates in the transmission of nerve impulses, promotes bone and etc.

This trace mineral helps produce hormones, improving the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. Therefore, it is especially necessary for women who suffer from any endocrine disorders.

In addition, copper affects the appearance of the woman: she is part of the collagen (without the skin loses its elasticity, stretch marks are formed) and enzymes that determine hair color.

The human body contains approximately 150-200 mg of copper, most of the - in the liver, bones and blood. The daily requirement of copper for pregnant is 2-5 mg. In the body, it is not synthesized, so a woman should receive it every day with food. Читать полностью -->

If they have

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light beam. Treatment on an outpatient basis in a single session, absolutely painless. It is important that this medication does not affect the health of the child.

Incorrect position of the baby before birth

Try to determine how the child is placed inside you where his feet, where the hands and head.

If they have to carry out ultrasound, do it. Often tell the kid that he needs to take the right position for what it requires. Tell him that for his own well-being as he needs to turn around. At the same time , expand the mind of the child in the right direction. Читать полностью -->

Qualified and experienced

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factors with a sedentary position, especially with an uncomfortable posture at work, arising in the wrong location on your computer's location is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis and other diseases of the spine and joints.

Prolonged closed unventilated room bad for anyone, but especially for pregnant women - it is not only herself, but the child does not have enough oxygen.

Prevention of complications related to computer use

From the earliest days of pregnancy a woman needs to be seen in the antenatal clinic. Qualified and experienced physician will be able to recognize the any negative changes in its state and provide recommendations.

Current legislation requires employers to transfer pregnant women to lighter work with preservation of the former and the average earnings of all benefits, relying her under labor law. Labour Code obliges the administration to provide a pregnant woman work not related to the use of a PC, or limit the time to work with a PC (not more than 3 hours per day).

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When approached

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white coats, they hurriedly put on my feet rag

Frankly about childbirth

boots and tied them to ver application. I was told to grab

hands sticking out of the rail access, and feet were already on

special supports, on which it was easier to hang back

(Knees bent).

The next phase in childbirth - is a direct

the birth of the child. When approached fight (and I was already

it seemed that the last time she went away and, as was

constant), I was forced to hold their breath and

push on the bottom, and the young doctor m Olesya helped me

holding his head and pressing e to his chest: " esch, esch , come on,

push! "- she said. But I could not.

Midwife, mother's friend, stood in front of me and waited

Team doctor, watching how "I opened." After

several efforts, the doctor decided, "Vic, come on, I

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In the literature

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And I read a few such books and collected quite a few articles-bearing, birth and upbringing of the child, took the trouble to "translate" them with "scientific" to "simple" Russian language. Sometimes I did not succeed, but, honestly, I really, really tried, to each occurrence of the term in the book was understandable person without medical training.

Some things may scare you, but should not be afraid, you should just be aware. After all, there are very serious questions about the various troubles and know better and not turn a blind eye on some issues even experts look differently. In the literature on specific issues can be found quite contradictory opinions and recommendations are absolutely opposite to each other. In such cases, I will be diligent to present both options, and you decide for yourself which one is acceptable for you. Especially now that the scientific data become obsolete almost before they have time to publish. Читать полностью -->

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